Phil Turner portrait

Work I run a craft cider company called Turners Cider and a copywriting and communications consultancy called Phil Turner & Co.

Home I married the incomparable May Sproston (Moodle, Mavis, Sprozzer) in 2005. We have two sons. Wilfred Turner (Wilfie-Woo, Poppet Trousers, Naughty) arrived on Easter Sunday 2009. Teddy Turner (Teddy-Too, Teddles, Golden Child) in December 2012.

We live in Chainhurst, Kent, near to May’s parents. I grew up in Buxton, Derbyshire. Here are my beautiful boys.

Teddy and Wilfie

Good Life Cider, beer, gigs, bikes, books, paintings, dogs, fishing, hills, rivers, wife, kids, pals, gardening, bees.

Wheels Mercedes 420SL, Audi A4, Honda XBR500.